Yellow Lab Makes Big Difference For A Class Of Special-Needs Students


Meet Beamer, a 2-year-old yellow Labrador retriever assistance dog who is changing the lives of students at an elementary school in Massachusetts.

The pooch spends every day of the week with the special-needs class of teacher Beth Keane at the Nathaniel Morton Elementary School. It was Ms. Keane’s idea to bring the trained dog to her classroom, and it proved to be the best decision.

Much like the cockapoo who helps students in a U.K. school, Beamer helps the students get through typical assignments, including reading. Beamer has made a huge difference in their lives. As you’ll see in the heartwarming clip below, he’s even helping some students overcome their fears.

“Their self-esteem this year is not even comparable to anything in the past,” Ms. Keane told CBS Boston. “There’s been no other project that’s made them as unified and as confident in their own abilities as this.”

However, the kids also take great care of their four-legged bud. And just wait til you see how far they went to ensure that Beamer stays in their classroom.

“The best part is you get to take care of him,” one of the student’s named Anthony told the news station.

Watch below and please SHARE if you think more schools should bring pooches into the classrooms!


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